Gas & Diesel Power’s experienced specialists tailor-make power solutions at a competitive price for ships, offshore, industry, backup power and emergency use.

The marine environment makes for great demands on adaptability and reliability. The company specialises in generator sets and propulsion engines for small and medium sized vessels.

Gas & Diesel Power understands that none of its customers are the same. The company carefully listens to its customers’ needs to provide them with the best solution in terms of both quality and price.

Gas & Diesel Power provides servicing and technical support from its workshop in Norway, as well as spare parts from its 16,000-strong inventory.
The company’s gas propulsion engines offer power outputs between 360kW to 950kW.
Gas & Diesel Power provided the gas generator set for the world’s first gas-electric car ferry.
The Norway-based company has delivered more than 1,300 diesel generating sets and propulsion engines.
Customers can call the servicing team 24/7 every day of the year to organise a professional to attend their power needs.

The Norway-based company offers complete solutions, as well as customised products, from the engineering stages to commissioning and service of products. Gas & Diesel Power specialises in developing and providing gas propulsion engines and generator sets, as well as diesel propulsion engines and generator sets.

Marine gas and diesel power solutions, parts and servicing

Gas & Diesel Power quickly delivers and solves clients’ marine power issues with a high level of quality assurance.

The company also provides servicing and technical support, and stocks an extensive range of spare parts, with its own workshop and service engineers in Norway.

The inventory includes more than 16,000 registered parts, which are either available in stock or from one of the company’s close partners. The company then quickly obtains and delivers any parts required by the customer.

Gas & Diesel Power’s team of skilled professionals have a vast knowledge and experience of Mitsubishi and the company’s other brands’ products.

Clients can speak to the servicing team 24/7 over the phone, which can then organise a professional from the company’s network of service dealers in Norway to attend to the customers’ power needs, with Mitsubishi service points also located worldwide.

The main distributor of Mitsubishi gas and diesel engines

Gas & Diesel Power has a strong partnership with many leading power products and solutions manufacturers. The company is the main distributor of gas engines and Mitsubishi diesel engines manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.

The company will work closely with customers to also ensure that its products work, not just when brand new, but over a long period of time and in harsh conditions.

Gas propulsion engines for gas-electric car ferries, coast guard vessels and passenger ferries

With more than 13 years of operating experience, Gas & Diesel Power is a specialist provider of gas engines for marine applications. The company is very proud of its leading liquid natural gas (LNG) generator sets for the power supply of ships, including the world’s first gas-electric car ferry, as well as coast guard vessels and passenger ferries.

The company’s range of gas propulsion engines provide power outputs from 360kW to 950kW, while its gas generator sets provide outputs from 341kW to 1,200kW.

Diesel engines and generator sets for marine applications

For about 30 years, Gas & Diesel Power has delivered more than 1,300 diesel generating sets and propulsion engines to the marine market, and from this has gained in-depth knowledge about its marine industry clients’ needs and challenges.

The company’s range of diesel propulsion engines provide power outputs from 470kW to 2,686kW, while its diesel generator sets provide outputs from 545kW to 2,970kW.

About Gas & Diesel Power

Gas & Diesel Power designs, develops and manufactures gas and diesel generator sets for marine and land-based power generation, as well as gas and diesel engines for marine propulsion.

The company has been delivering power solutions to the ship and offshore industries, as well as for industrial, backup power and emergency power purposes, since 1985.