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Global Manufacturer and Supplier of Safety Equipment to Marine Workers


Scott Safety is a premier manufacturer of innovative respiratory products and other personal protective equipment for marine workers around the world. With six global manufacturing locations, Scott Safety produces products that protect thousands of individuals each day from environmental hazards including smoke, toxic fumes, combustible gases, falling objects, and contaminants.

The Scott Safety product line includes self-contained breathing apparatus, supplied air and air-purifying respirators, PPE, gas detection instruments and thermal imaging cameras.

Innovative marine safety products

Keeping people safe comes first. Advancing safety itself is a close second. At Scott Safety we do more than build safety equipment. We invent. We improve. We solve. Our goal is bigger than our products. It’s about redefining what’s possible in safety. To that end, we are guided by three principles that drive how we work and what we produce:

  • Innovation that makes a difference
  • Smarter safety solutions
  • A commitment to the customer

Emergency life support apparatus (ELSA)

Renowned as the world’s leading constant flow escape set, the ELSA (emergency life support apparatus) from Scott Safety is designed for rapid escape from hazardous industrial and marine environments.

Emergency life support apparatus (ELSA). CE-marked in accordance with EN1146, MED (Shipswheel) approved. Available in 10 or 15 minute versions. Provided with a ten-year service interval.
Sigma 2, type 2 approved self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). Proven high-performance pneumatic system with ergonomically designed lightweight backplate and harness. All components are user-serviceable, low-cost and easy to maintain.
Protégé ZM single gas monitor. Available in oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide single gas models. Hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide models include a hibernate feature to extend battery life.
Protégé multi gas monitor. Designed to monitor potentially hazardous levels of combustible gases, oxygen enrichment or depletion, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide. The tough, robust construction meets all global regulatory requirements.
Positive pressure airline apparatus with optional escape facility. Option of 10, 13 or 15-minute compressed air cylinder for escape from the most hazardous environments. Ideal for working in confined spaces.

Now in its third generation, the ELSA emergency life support breathing apparatus is a concept originally pioneered by Scott Safety under its Sabre breathing apparatus brand, and the original design principles continue to this day. The current design is simple and quick to operate, reliable and robust in use and performs to the latest European standard, EN1146.

ELSA features:

  • 10 or 15 minute versions
  • Standard hi-vis or black anti-static bag
  • Automatic quick-fire activation
  • Unique cubic hood design
  • CE-marked in accordance with EN1146
  • MED (Shipswheel) approved
  • Corrosion-resistant nickel-plated components
  • Standard breathing air charging adaptor
  • Ten-year service interval

Self-contained breathing apparatus

The Scott Sigma 2 self-contained breathing apparatus combines the highest level of respiratory protection in a simple-to-operate, cost-effective piece of equipment that meets the needs of industrial and marine users.

Sigma 2’s proven durability, reliability and appeal is confirmed by an extensive user base who demand a combination of maximum performance and true operational simplicity.

Sigma 2 features:

  • Proven high-performance pneumatic system
  • Compact first-breath-activated demand valve with bypass
  • Ergonomically designed lightweight backplate and harness
  • Flame-retardant webbing with Kevlar cylinder band
  • Wide choice of facemasks from the Vision 3, Promask PP and Panaseal ranges
  • Corrosion-resistant nickel-plated components
  • Simple operation for users
  • All components are user-serviceable, low-cost and easy to maintain
  • Will accept a wide range of 200 and 300 bar cylinders

Portable single gas monitor

The Protégé ZM single gas monitor is an easy-to-use, zero-maintenance gas detection solution that delivers high performance in a small, ergonomically designed package. It is available in oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide single gas models.

Like all Scott Safety products, this single gas monitor is incredibly reliable, giving industrial workers and first responders the confidence to focus on the task at hand, not on their equipment.

Once activated, the Protégé ZM monitor does not require charging or calibration so these monitors can be deployed in the field 24 hours a day, every day, for two years, maintenance and hassle-free.

Protégé ZM features:

  • Two-year operating life, no charging or calibration required
  • Hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide models include hibernate feature to extend battery life
  • Three point alarm system including audible, visual and tactile alarms
  • Customisable LCD display can show remaining operating life, real-time gas readings, or both
  • User-configurable alarm set points, bump and calibration reminders
  • Data logging capabilities
  • IP 66/67-rated enclosure (third-party certified)

Portable multi gas monitor

The Protégé is a personal multi-gas monitor designed to monitor potentially hazardous levels of combustible gases, oxygen enrichment or depletion, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulphide. Simple, intuitive user operation enables operators to focus on the situation rather than equipment.

The Protégé is designed with automated maintenance features to reduce cost and time associated with training and maintenance. The included software allows users to set parameters that are specific for their workplace, and has significant data logging capabilities.

Protégé features:

  • Easy-to-use with one button on, easy calibration and functional self-testing
  • Tough, robust construction meets all global regulatory requirements
  • Easy-to-maintain with automatic zero and span calibrations, and simple sensor replacement
  • Enhanced user ergonomics with unique hourglass design to fit all hand sizes

Positive pressure breathing apparatus with optional escape facility

The Flite is a positive pressure airline breathing apparatus with the option of a 10, 13 or 15-minute compressed air cylinder supply for escape from the most hazardous environments. Ideal for working in confined spaces, the Flite’s robust design has been proven in some of the most arduous working environments.

Flite features:

  • Adjustable and padded webbing bandolier harness for comfort and safety
  • Can be used with any positive pressure facemask in the Sabre range
  • Optional hip-mounted escape cylinders in a range of durations and materials

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