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Read about the effect of coronavirus (Covid-19) on cruise ships.

Two passengers who were on the Princess Cruises’ Grand Princess cruise ship have died due to the coronavirus (Covid-19).

These are the first cases of death related to the Grand Princess. Earlier this month, Grand Princess docked in Port of Oakland in California, US, after staying off the coast for four days due to a number of passengers contracting Covid-19.

The passengers were transferred to military bases in the California, Texas and Georgia for a 14-day quarantine. Some of the quarantine periods ended on 23 March.

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said that the passengers passed away ‘due to complications from the coronavirus’.

The HHS was overseeing the passenger quarantine on the cruise ship.

On 25 March, HHS said that one passenger died on 21 March and another on 23 March. Both the deceased were male.

One of the passengers were transferred to the hospital, while the other was at Travis Air Force Base, following which he was transferred to the hospital after he started exhibiting symptoms.

The total number of passengers who have the coronavirus on board the Grand Princess has not been confirmed.

Initially, 2,000 people were transferred to the military bases but many returned to their home states for the quarantine.

Testing was optional and people who did not have any symptoms were discouraged to take the test.

HHS said that 1,103 passengers chose to be tested and 103 of them tested positive, while 669 were negative. HHS is waiting for the remaining results.

Last week, Princess Cruises announced that the crew on board the Grand Princess will be allowed to disembark and will be repatriated using charter flights.

Earlier this week, a passenger who was on the Princess Cruises’ Ruby Princess cruise ship died after testing positive for Covid-19.

Another passenger who was on the Diamond Princess cruise ship died, bringing the cruise ship death toll to eight.