Greatship Maya is a multi-purpose supply and support vessel.
The vessel being blessed by Lady Sponsor Mrs. Hege Tiller before its maiden voyage to Australia.
Christening ceremony of Greatship Maya.

Greatship Maya is a Dynamic Positioning II (DP II) multi-purpose supply and support vessel (MPSSV) built to support offshore exploration and production across the world. It is one of the first few vessels in the world to be built in accordance with the new Special Purpose Ships Code 2008.

The contract for the construction of the vessel was awarded in August 2007 by Singapore-based Greatship Global Offshore Services which is an incorporated subsidiary of Greatship (India) Limited (GIL). GIL is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Great Eastern Shipping Company.

The vessel was built and delivered by Keppel Singmarine in December 2009. It has been bareboat chartered to GC Rieber Shipping and is deployed in Australia by its partner company Bluestone Offshore.

On its first expedition, the vessel cruised to Australian Great Barrier Reef in February 2010.

Greatship Maya design

Designed by Marin Teknikk, Greatship Maya is of design MT 6012 which is known for environmental considerations. Main features of the design include reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, low noise and safety level, and good seagoing properties.

Length overall of the vessel is 93.60m, while length to perpendiculars is 86.60m. Moulded breadth and depth are 19.70m and 7.85m respectively.

The vessel’s Gross Register Tonnage (GRT) is approximately 4,850t, while the Net Register Tonnage (NRT) is approximately 1,450t. Deadweight is 4,600t.

“The vessel was built and delivered by Keppel Singmarine in December 2009.”


Greatship Maya is provided with 66 fully air-conditioned berths. There are 11 one-man cabins, five one-man client cabins and 25 two-man cabins. The vessel can accommodate up to 20 crew members.

Recreation rooms include a gym, reception area, lounge, day-room, smoking room and mess room. There are two conference rooms and a sky lobby. The vessel also has a hospital with standard medical facilities. Workshops for instruments and electricals are to be found in the additional work rooms.


Greatship Maya is fitted with four Yanmar 8N280L-EV type main engines and one 189kW auxiliary engine. Each of the four main engines generates 2,133kW.

To attain DP II capabilities, the vessel is installed with three units of 1,050kW bow thrusters and two units of electrically driven 2,600kW steering thrusters.

Equipment and facilities

Greatship Maya is fitted with modern testing / sampling tools and is capable of operating in water depths of up to 1,800m. The vessel has been provided with a clear deck space of 1,000m² and a helicopter deck. It is capable of performing various geotechnical laboratory tests on-board.

Two 5t Knuckle Jib deck cranes are attached to the vessel. These cranes have a radius of 15m. There is also a 10t, 15m radius Telescopic Palfinger crane. Apart from cranes, deck equipment also includes two 15t tugger winches, and two 10t capstans. Anchoring equipment includes two 10t anchor points and two electric driven anchor / mooring winches.

There is also a 7m x 7m moon pool which houses a drill derrick. It is equipped with a twin tower construction that is 32m high and has a pull capacity of 100MT. It also features 3.5m stroke, 80MT capacity drill string compensators and has a drill string length of 2,000m.

The on-board rotary drilling set-up allows it to perform sea bed sampling tasks in water depths of up to 2,000m and collect in-situ data. This task is achieved with the help of the Wison-APB tool, which is operated through API standard drill pipes.

“Greatship Maya is fitted with modern testing / sampling tools.”

The engineering data processing capabilities of the vessel include borehole log generation, design parameters generation, shallow foundation analysis and deep foundation analysis.

The Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) consists of three units of gyro compass, two units of DGPS, two units of motion reference and one unit of Sonardyne / Hipap 500 underwater reference.

Cargo capacities

Deck strength of the vessel is 5-10T/m². The vessel can store 1,140m³ of potable/fresh water, 1,140m³ of fuel oil, 1,530m³ of ballast and 1,310m³ of drill water.