Marineco Havanah is the second vessel in the series of Multi Cat 2712 workboats.
The new workboat is identical to her sister vessel Fox Fighter.
Multi Cat 2712 ‘Fox Fighter’ was delivered to Samba in June 2014.

Marineco Havanah

Marineco Havanah is being built by Damen Shipyards Group and will be the second vessel in the Multi Cat 2712 series of work boats. The first vessel of the series, Multi Cat 2712 Fox Fighter, was delivered to Norwegian company Samba.

The shipbuilding contract for Marineco Havanah was placed by MarineCo UK in December 2014. The vessel is currently under construction and is scheduled to be delivered in April 2015.

The new vessel is classified as Hull + MACH Tug unrestricted navigation + AUT-UMS by the Bureau Veritas.

The workboat will perform multiple missions, including anchor handling, dredger service, towing, supplying, hose handling and survey operations. It can also be deployed in river, inshore and offshore missions.

Design and technical specifications of Marineco Havanah

Marineco Havanah will feature a functional, maintenance-friendly wheelhouse and deck layout. It will provide optimum deck space to house deck equipment whereas the wheelhouse will offer 360° visibility, ensuring a high-level of safety on the deck.

"The new vessel is classified as Hull + MACH Tug unrestricted navigation + AUT-UMS by the Bureau Veritas."

The boat will have an overall length of 27.7m, beam of 12.45m, load line length of 23.9m and side depth of 3.90m. The light displacement of the vessel will be 405t, gross tonnage will be 299t and bollard pull will be 34t.

Storage capacities of Multi Cat 2712

The Multi Cat 2712 will be fitted with tanks for carrying oil, freshwater, dirty oil, sewage, sludge, hydro and lubricant oils, and bilge water. Onboard tanks can store up to 31.4m³ of freshwater, 1.5m³ of dirty oil, 109.5m³ of fuel, 10.5m³ of sewage, 1.3m³ of sludge, 4m³ of bilge water, 1.7m³ of lubricant oil and 2.2m³ of hydro oil.

Deck machinery and accommodation aboard the workboat

The large working deck will feature two 300kg pool towing anchors, one Kraaijeveld hydraulically-driven anchor winch, two HS Marine deck cranes, one single-drum anchor handling winch with a pulling speed of 2.5m/min and 120t brake holding capacity, one single-drum towing winch with a pulling speed of 6.8m/min and 90t brake holding capacity, one WK double pin-type front towing pin with chain stopper, and one WK triple pin-type in line towing pin at the aft.

The vessel will be outfitted to provide accommodation to seven people in five heated and air-conditioned cabins, two of which are double cabins and three are single cabins. It will also feature a galley and sanitary facilities.

Navigation and communication equipment

Navigation equipment fitted to the Multi Cat 2712 work boat will include two Pesch search lights of 2,000W, two Furuno radar systems, a Cassens & Plat compass, Anshuetz gyro compass, Sea pilot 75 auto pilot, Furuno GP-150D GPS system, Furuno FE-700 echo sounder, Furuno DS-80 speed log and a Furuno FA-150 automatic identification system (AIS).

Baltika, also referred to as NB 508, is the world’s first oblique icebreaking multi-purpose emergency and rescue vessel.

The shipboard communications will be supported by Sigma 700 intercom, two sailor RT6222 very high-frequency (VHF) systems, three handheld TR-20 VHF systems, Furuno FS 1570 single side band (SSB) communication system, two TT-3000e Inmarsat-C systems, Furuno NX-700 navigational telex (NAVTEX), marble watch alarm, Seatel ST 24 entertainment system, FBB 150 fleet broadband system, OMC 115 Obsermet wind indicator, and Transas NS 4000 chart plotter.

Engine and propulsion system

The propulsion system will integrate two Caterpillar C32 Acert main engines, developing a total power output of 1,790bkW at 1,800rpm. Each engine drives a fixed-pitch propeller in optima nozzles through a Reintjes gearbox.

A Kalkman Beta 250H hydraulic-driven bow thruster fitted to the vessel generates a power of 184kW. The propulsion system will provide a maximum speed of 10kt.

The work boat will further be equipped with two 107kVA Caterpillar c4.4 auxiliary marine generator sets, a Caterpillar C12 diesel engine rated at 339KW and a fuel oil separator.