NB 511

The NB 511 icebreaking supply vessel is being built by Arctech Helsinki Shipyard under a €100m ($113m) contract from Russian shipping company, Sovcomflot.

The new vessel is part of a series of four icebreaking supply and stand-by vessels (NB 511-514) being developed by Arctech for Sovcomflot. Arctech is responsible for the design, construction, testing and commissioning of the vessels.

"The NB 511 will be used by Sakhalin Energy Investment Company as a platform supply vessel for its oil and gas fields in the Sakhalin-2 region."

The NB 511 will be used by Sakhalin Energy Investment Company as a platform supply vessel for its oil and gas fields in the Sakhalin-2 region. It will transport supplies and personnel between land bases and production sites in the harsh climatic conditions of the Sea of Okhotsk. The vessel will be able to load and transport cargo on deck and in integrated tanks under deck during all seasons.

The NB 511 is scheduled for delivery in 2016.

NB 511 icebreaking supply vessel design and features

The NB 511 is an advanced version of Arctech’s two other icebreaking supply vessels, namely Vitus Bering (NB 506) and Aleksey Chirikov (NB 507), which were delivered in 2012 and 2013 respectively. The new vessel will have a length of 100m, breadth of 21m, displacement of 3,000t and speed of 16k.

The hull of the vessel is designed for stern-first navigation in ice cold conditions and will have a very high icebreaking capability. The vessel will be able to navigate independently through 1.7m of thick, drifting ice in temperatures as cold as -35°C.

The NB 511 will feature emergency evacuation, rescue and fire-fighting capacity. It will also be capable of oil spill response and perform platform support activities. The vessel can also operate as a diving support vessel and features a moon pool.

The icebreaker will also be highly energy-efficient and include number of environment-friendly features. It is designed to meet the international IMO Tier III emission standards and will generate minimal sulphur oxides emissions due to the use of low sulphur fuel oil. In addition, environmentally hazardous liquids will be separated from the vessel’s hull to improve safety.

Equipment and systems

The NB 511 will feature a high-dynamic positioning system, which will enable the vessel to redundantly maintain its position and heading. It will be fitted with a tank level remote sounding system (TSS/BMS4) supplied by API Marine. TSS/BMS4 is an electro-pneumatic system that can be used for draught and ballast level measurement.

The vessel will also be equipped with state-of-the-art Nordic environmental solutions including a catalytic converter exhaust system. It will also be fitted with systems to limit underwater noise levels, and an offshore crane with active heave compensation.

Construction of the icebreaking supply vessel

The NB 511 was launched with steel-cutting at the Vyborg Shipyard in November 2014. Construction of the vessel’s hull began in December 2015 with the first block of the vessel weighing 221t being placed in the building dock.

Accommodation facilities aboard NB 511

The vessel will offer accommodation for 70 people, including 28 crew and 42 specialised staff. It can also accommodate 150 evacuees.

NB 511 engine and propulsion details

The NB 511 will be fitted with six main diesel generator sets generating a total power of approximately 21,000kW. The propulsion power of the vessel will be 13,000kW.