Displacement Pumps, Screw Pumps and Precision Flowmeters

In over 50 years the KRAL brand has become a household name when it comes to pumps and flow measurement. Our cooperation with customers worldwide has created the precision and quality to which the KRAL name is linked.

Our worldwide presence is the basis for many unique solutions that have been developed with our customers. Today we are active in more than 40 countries on all five continents. Trained representatives, who provide the sales service for KRAL pumps and the KRAL Volumeter®, are our bridge to the market. KRAL offers its customers complete solutions including development, construction, manufacture, assembly and accredited inspection testing.

High-power density displacement pumps

KRAL screw spindle pumps, in comparison to other positive displacement technologies, can deliver large flow rates in a compact size design even when operating at high differential pressures. The compact single pumps and pump stations handle a range of liquids. Oils and other lubricants, which are non-abrasive and chemically inert, are delivered with the advantage of pulse-free flow and low noise levels.

As an innovative company, KRAL is able to offer tailor-made system solutions for your pumping requirements.

Precision flowmeters

The KRAL Volumeter is a robust liquid flowmeter and offers laboratory precision even in harsh, industrial applications. The positive displacement meters operate with the screw spindle principle and measure independently from the flow profile. For that reason the very compact Volumeter never needs flow conditioning and can be installed directly after elbows, tees and other pipe components.

KRAL screw pumps with magnetic coupling

The economy of drive units and firing systems is further improved by the use of KRAL screw pumps with magnetic couplings.

KRAL screw pumps serve mainly for pumping oils for firing systems in power stations for electrical generation and on ships for propulsion. Because of the economic relevance, operators place high demands on the operational safety and reliability of such systems.

The main features of KRAL pumps are:

  • Hermetically sealed
  • Lifecycle costs reduction
  • Absolutely maintenance-free

Engine-specific fuel consumption measurement

About 80% of diesel engine operating costs are fuel costs. IPPs want to check the specified specific fuel oil consumption (SFOC) during commissioning and the fuel consumption (FC) during operation. Harsh operating conditions like fluid pulsation, temperature differences and vibrations have made this impossible in the past. KRAL offers a robust fuel consumption measurement system.

The main features of the KRAL Volumeter are:

  • The KRAL Volumeter makes engine-related FC measurement possible
  • Higher measurement accuracy with temperature compensation
  • Higher increase of measurement accuracy with pressure pulse compensation
  • KRAL offers a fuel system adjustment analyser

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