Zamakona Yards vessel

The Spanish Association of Naval and Oceanic Engineers has named ESVAGT AURORA as Best Spanish Built Ship in 2012. The owner is Esvagt, a company belonging to the Danish multinational A.P. Møller-Mærsk.

The main mission of the vessel is to remain on stand by to give immediate assistance in emergency situations and to provide support for routine operations. The vessel is specially adapted to the harsh climatic conditions in the Barents Sea.

The vessel integrates the lastest technological developments for launching and recovery of rescue boats, de-icing equipment to avoid ice accretion on the decks as well as pollution control gear, fulfilling the highest standards required by the Norwegian Authorities for this kind of vessel.

The vessel is 87m long, 17m wide and has 9.240kW of diesel-electric power. It is easily recognisable by its X-bow. The vessel can perform high sea towage tasks, and it is fitted with a duplex dynamic positioning system, which allows it to keep position even in very adverse climate conditions with hurricane force winds and rough sea. This feature gives the vessel the capacity to operate ROVs in difficult conditions in deep seas.

Zamakona Yards would like to thank all of its staff for their effort in this project and the audience of the website that gave the vessel their votes.

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