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Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Services in Spain

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Zamakona Yards

Zamakona Yards is one of Spain’s main shipbuilding and ship repair groups with more than 41 years of experience in the industry both in the Cantabrian Sea and in the Canary Islands. Our group brings together more than 1,000 professionals who strive to provide our clients with the best service. We are ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 certified and work 24/7 when required.

Tradition and innovation combined.

Zamakona Yards is the cutting edge result of combining the privately owned companies; Astilleros Zamakona and Astilleros Zamakona Pasaia in the Basque country (Bay of Biscay) , and Repnaval, Ircesa, Napesca and Asinaval in Canary Islands.

Zamakona Yards is a business concept that levers and maximises the expertise of each member company.

Zamakona Yards has been providing shipbuilding and ship repair services for more than 41 years.
The company has more than 1,000 shipbuilding and repair professionals.
The company has strategic locations across the Atlantic coast to quickly provide services to vessels.
Vessels constructed include AHTS, PSV, standby vessels, tugs, live fish carriers, pelagic trawlers and purse seiner.
Zamakona Yards provides a wide range of mechanical services, both onboard and in the workshop.
The company has specialist expertise in machining, inspecting, repair, maintenance and assembly of a vast array of parts and machinery.
Specialist maintenance, repair and servicing of electronic machinery is also available.
We can also provide repair and maintenance of vessels for the offshore industry.
Zamakona Yards supplies spares and consumables for rigs, vessels and all types of industry.

The strategic locations of our companies along the Atlantic coast and the wide range of services offered, make Zamakona Yards the strategic partner for ship owners and operators. From initial advisory and design services, through ship building, to all kinds of maintenance, supply or repair operations required throughout the lifecycle of the ship, Zamakona Yards offers the best guarantees in the market.

New Builds from our Basque country shipyards include OSV vessels (AHTS and PSV), tugs, live fish carriers, pelagic trawlers and tuna fishing vessels

Zamakona Yards shipbuilding division works closely with leading design and project development companies / engineering firms, such as Ulstein Design & Solutions, Wartsila Desing, Havyard Design, Rolls Royce, Robert Allan, IMT, PolarKonsult and Cintranaval, installing the latest technical advances.

We have built over 400 vessels for international ship owners, including Norway, Sweden, UK, Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, USA, Mexico, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Mauritius, Algeria, Yemen and Spain.

Testing, servicing, repair and maintenance of machinery

We offer an array of services, enabling repairs and maintenance of almost any vessel part. The group provides exceptional expertise regarding techniques and skills both onboard, at the yard and in the workshops. Examples of our most outstanding services are:

  • CNC machining
  • Lathe manufacturing / repair of parts
  • In-situ machining (As Nicol & Andrew Agency/shaft lines, bed plates, engine blocks, etc.)
  • Chockfast (certified for 20+ years)
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) (AND certified)
  • Laser alignment (Pruftechnick equipment / Rota ling Pro)
  • Endoscope, boroscope and video scope
  • Oil mist detection (Schaller official service provider)
  • Engine and generator repair and maintenance
  • Pumps, air compressors, turbochargers, air starters, coolers, etc. maintenance and repair
  • Repair of fuel injection pumps, governors test bench

We are the authorised service representative of Ferri industries in the Canary Islands, testing and inspecting davits, winches and release gears according to IMO MSC.1 / CIR. 1026. We are also:

  • Alfa Laval service providers regarding fuel and oil separators, water treatment plants and heat exchangers
  • Facet service providers regarding fuel oil and bilge separator repair and maintenance
  • MTU service providers regarding diesel engines and complete propulsion systems
  • Guascor service providers regarding engines and energy plants

Our spare parts suppliers include Rexroth, Westinghouse, NABCO and WABCO system.

Repair, maintenance and testing of electronic equipment

The company also provides services for electronic equipment, including:

  • Electrical motors, alternators and transformers rewinding in AC / DC
  • Switchboard and control panel manufacture
  • Naval and industrial assembly and electronic equipments repairs
  • Power pack and electro-generator repairs
  • Central alarm system repair and maintenance
  • Water treatment plant maintenance
  • Electrical installations, bilge separators, safety equipment
  • Low tension service of LTMC

Building and repair of vessels for the offshore industry

As a global partner in the shipbuilding and ship repair sector, Zamakona Yards Group is an innovative supplier of products, services and solutions to the offshore industry and maritime services.

The Zamakona Yards Group has a large number of skilled and motivated employees working closely with key players in the offshore industry.

We have significant experience in repairing different types of vessels and material for the offshore market. We carry out modification and maintenance jobs on sub-sea and onshore constructions. Repnaval within the group, is strategically located in the Canary Islands and has the experience to respond to demand quickly locally and in the south of Europe and West Africa through our flying squad including certified welders, fitters and mechanics with valid offshore certificates.

Spares and consumables for rigs and vessels

We offer general supplies, including spares and consumables for rigs, vessels and all types of industries, both marine and ashore. We are authorised vendors to EMAS, Saipem, FPAL, BW Offshore and Fugro, and representative of MacGregor, TSC, Schaller, Jet Lube and Nicol & Andrew.

White Papers

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    Zamakona Yards is one of Spain's main shipbuilding and ship repair groups. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry both in the Cantabrian Sea and in the Canary Islands, our group brings together more than 1,000 professionals who strive to provide our clients with the best service.

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