Aker Arctic

Aker Arctic specialises in development, design, engineering, consulting and testing services for ice-going vessels, icebreakers, and Antarctic and Polar cruise vessels.

Services for Arctic and Antarctic shipping vessels

Ships are designed, tested, and supervised, by Aker Arctic. The company also markets and sells complete ice-going vessel projects.

Aker Arctic offers professional consultancy services for ice-going ship designs, using its technological and design expertise to reduce costs for shipowners and shipyards. The company also provides concept and classification designs, as well as port engineering and vessel construction support.

Aker Arctic provided the concept and basic design for the Aker ARC 124 Port Icebreaker in 2015. The port icebreaker will be built by Vyborg Shipyard PJSC (Russia) and delivered in 2018.
The SVALBARD Offshore Patrol Vessel in full-scale ice trials in Svalbard in 2002.
The AUDAX and PUGNAX Arctic module carriers. The development work was carried out in close cooperation with the owners, ZPMC-Red Box Energy Services.
Aker Arctic and Novia University of Applied Sciences have begun a 15-month project to further develop ice simulators, in co-operation with Image Soft and Simulco.
Aker Arctic’s test tank is used for a variety of trials.
An offshore loading test.

Aker Arctic supplies a new contracting service for shipbuilders, which entails ordering and delivering special components and systems from selected partners.

Ship design and documentation for IMO code compliance

The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) new code for ships operating in polar waters (Polar Code) comes into force in 2017. Ships must comply with the Polar Code’s new certificates, technical requirements and procedures before entering Polar waters.

Aker Arctic provides ship design, crew training and documentation services to assist ship owners and operators in complying with the various specifications of the Polar Code.

One of the code’s requirements is that all ships must have a Polar Water Operations Manual (PWOM) on-board. The company can prepare and adapt a basic manual to meet the requirements for each specific vessel.

Testing and ice management

Aker Arctic offers testing services for ice and open water models, offshore structures, and design concepts, as well as evaluations and studies of environmental conditions, design criteria and transport.

It provides cold environment technology, such as special ice simulators for ice-breaking and offshore operations, as well as carries out ice management, loading and off-loading for ports and rigs.

About Aker Arctic

Aker Arctic’s experienced personnel provide its customers with specialised knowledge, as well as innovative, cost-effective and reliable solutions for Arctic development projects. The company actively seeks new technologies and works with its partners to make them successful.

Aker Arctic has offices in Finland, Canada and Russia, as well as operates a special test facility in Helsinki. The company has extensive experience and the world’s largest Arctic reference list for icebreakers and ice-going vessels, means it is uniquely placed to provide beneficial solutions.

The company has provided designs for 60% of the world’s icebreakers and many Arctic or Antarctic research and cargo vessels, as well as concepts for offshore structures.

It has performed scale-model and full-size tests, as well as produced studies of transporting goods from Arctic environments in various challenging locations.