HF Interior provides services worldwide to cruise vessels, ferries, RoRo-vessels, supply vessels, military vessels, offshore vessels and private yachts.

The company’s mission is to deliver quality interiors for all marine projects, on budget and on time. So experience HF Interior’s way of doing things, and count on reliability and quality every step of the way.

Refit and conversions

HF interior has performed a lot of refits and extensive conversions over the years. Projects such as refurbishing public areas and hundreds of cabins and major conversions of entire ships.

We rely on craftsmen who build in the European tradition to refit interiors that inspire and delight from manufacturing to installation.
HF Interior knows how the right combination of technical expertise and project management is the key to a successful interior refit.
HF's business is to work globally, brining our expertise, crew and material to you, whether it’s a new building, refit or service, during short periods or while in transit.
In each project we bring our large experience in design development, engineering and drawing construction.

HF interior offers turnkey solutions, including design, demolition, construction and installation. When required, HF can search through their reliable network and offer you HVAC, piping and electrical installation services.

Interior service and maintenance

HF interior has provided interior service and maintenance for 20 years. From assisting local ship owners and hotels in Gothenburg and Scandinavia HF to today offering their services worldwide.

Depending on the clients’ operations, maintenance and upgrades can be carried out during operation or yard or service periods. HF Interior does its utmost to give the best possible service to its clients, always in line with their needs, requirements and expectations.

With HF’s network of marine material suppliers and highly skilled interior outfitters, they have reached almost every continent in order to fulfil their client’s requests for all types of interior work.

Offshore design and development

In 2011, the company took a step into the offshore industry, providing interior and layout design for offshore accommodations, which require effective planning and utilisation of space. HF interior works with both the overall picture of the accommodation and provides expertise when it comes to more precise details.

HF interior can provide knowledge and design in different steps of the project development such as feed studies, basic and detailed design, as well as experience in design reviews and verification of constructions on site.

About HF Interior

HF Interior Sweden was founded in 1994 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Their original name was Hotell and Fartygsinredning. Fartyg is the word for ‘ship’ in Swedish. Over the years, HF Interior has grown to specialise in global marine interior projects. With their well-planned course of expansion, today they are well-positioned to service clients anywhere in the world.