Navis has announced that registration is open for the Navis Carrier and Vessel Solutions (NCVS) Customer Conference EMEA.

The one-day customer and user event will be held on 3 December at the Empire Riverside Hotel in Hamburg, Germany. Following the event’s theme, ‘Framing Interconnectivity’, attendees can expect to participate in collaborative workshops, best practice breakout sessions and panel discussions that focus on bringing end-to-end ecosystem-thinking to maturity by framing the standardisation and digitalisation of today’s information flow and task-oriented interoperability challenges.

Access, usage and exchange of data are essential for economic growth and in today’s digital economy, the impact from effective data flows is on the rise. Conference attendees will explore workflows and information exchange related to cargo and vessel data for vessel planning at liner operators, terminals and ship managers. They will also discuss the visibility and accessibility of information needed from the MACS3 loading computer such as stability and strength, dangerous goods and lashing information and how interoperable value can be created through standardisation. Furthermore, best practice breakout sessions will cover the impact of the latest regulations regarding environment and safety on vessel and cargo performance.

Conference attendees can look forward to being inspired by futurist and author, K D Adamson, who will share her passion and insights in her keynote speech ‘Back to the Future’. Her energetic presentation will offer a visionary perspective on the impact of global megatrends, emerging technologies and new generational mindsets and how they will radically transform the shipping industry in the years ahead. K D Adamson will nail down strategic global economic, business and technology context for the rapid changes ship operators are experiencing and will give valuable insight on how to embrace new digital visions and transformations.

“In a world generating 300 exabytes of data, and counting businesses are at a crossroads,” says K D Adamson. “Those who standardise, simplify, secure and share will be part of new ecosystems which anticipate the intersections of disruptive trends and technologies, and go on to create substantial new value. It’s great to work with Navis to develop that ecosystem-thinking and shape the industry of the future.”

“At our previous customer conferences, we introduced the idea of the ecosystem-thinking, a vessel datacentric approach connecting maritime stakeholders based on their shared interest in operational vessel and cargo data within the Navis product portfolio to our customers. As a result, we launched the MACS3 API Services enabling users to integrate key loading computer calculation results into their operations. At this year’s EMEA conference, we are excited to go a step further and work with our customers to frame this interconnectivity in more detail on an interoperable level,” said Selke Eichler, director global services at Navis’ Carrier and Vessel Solutions unit. “The discussions will follow the principles of standardisation, simplification, and sharing of critical data. Navis is playing a transformational role in shaping this process within the industry and the conference is a great opportunity to address how stakeholders can establish a shift in mindset in their own organisations.”

For more information and to register for the conference please fill out the enquiry form on this page.