SKW Marine Equipment is a fast growing ship-repairing service provider and deck machinery manufacturer that offers operational and engineering solutions to the marine and offshore industry.

Based in Singapore with a Representative Design Office and Production Factory in China, SKW Marine Equipment is equipped to design, manufacture and install deck machinery, and perform ship repairs.

Deck machinery design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance

SKW Marine Equipment can design, manufacture, install and maintain deck machinery. The range of deck machinery we can service includes:

  • Anchor handling towing winches
  • Mooring winches
  • Anchor windlass
  • Capstan and tugger winches
  • Shark jaws and tow pins
  • Cranes
  • Power packs
  • Streamer and gun winch
  • Launch and recovery (LAR) system

We can install and service deck machinery for a myriad of vessels and barges such as anchor handling tugs, utility vessels, seismic vessels, pipe lay derrick, diving support vessels and more.

130ton mooring winch for pipe lay derrick.
Anchor handling towing winch.
Overhaul of mooring winches on Aban Pearl rig.
Refurnishment of Pacific Nickel.
Streamer winch for seismic vessel.

The quality control of the entire production process is closely managed by our Singapore office. And for quality assurance, we use imported brands such as Staffa, Danfoss and equivalent for all our motor, pumps, valves and other crucial components.

In addition, our background in ship repair and our dedicated team of service engineers also enables us to provide efficient and effective global after sales services.

Ship repair services

We provde a range of ship Repair Services, including custom fabrication and installation of:

  • Mezzanine deck, cursor frame
  • Wheelhouse, monkey island and accommodation quarters
  • Stairways, ladders, gangways
  • Jack up columns / barges
  • Boat landing platform
  • Welding and piping works
  • Sewage and air-conditioning systems
  • Carpentry

The SKW Marine Equipment team is steadfast in ongoing development of expertise, merging continual skill advancement with the latest technology. With a true commitment to quality performance, efficient operational schedule and cost effectiveness, SKW Marine Equipment aims to value-add our services to all our esteemed clients.