The MV Troms Sirius platform supply vessel is based on the STX PSV 09 L design. Image courtesy of STX OSV.
Naming ceremony of MV Troms Sirius was held on 31 May 2012 in Stavanger.
MV Troms Sirius can carry up to 2,600t of cargo to offshore oil platforms.

MV Troms Sirius

MV Troms Sirius is a DNV-classified Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) built by STX OSV. The vessel is owned by Clean Design Sirius and is operated by Troms Offshore Management. Troms Sirius is one of the largest PSV vessels currently operating in the North Sea.

In March 2011, Troms Offshore placed an order with STX OSV for the design and build of a Platform Supply Vessel (PSV). The keel for the ship was laid at STX Søviknes shipyard in July 2011. The vessel was launched in December 2011 and delivered to the owner in May 2012. The christening of MV Troms Sirius was held in Stavanger in the same month.

MV Troms Sirius has a design similar to that of Troms Offshore’s MV Troms Capella ship and will be operated by a crew of 28. It flies the Norwegian NOR flag and will be primarily deployed in the North Sea and the Barents Sea.

Design features and dimensions of MV Troms Sirius

"Troms Sirius is one of the largest PSV vessels currently operating in the North Sea."

MV Troms Sirius is a monohull vessel based on the STX PSV 09 L CD design. The "clean design" PSV incorporates diesel electric propulsion for low fuel consumption and reduced emissions. The ship is equipped with fire-fighting systems and life-saving equipment such as MOB rescue boat and rafts.

The platform supply vessel has an overall length of 93.5m, moulded breadth of 19m, moulded depth of 8m, and maximum draught of 6.5m. The deadweight of the ship at maximum draught is 4,868t.

Cargo capacities of MV Troms Sirius

MV Troms Sirius has a deck area of 1,020m2, which can carry cargo weighing up to 2,600t. The deck strength from aft to #30 is 10t/m2 and 5t/m2 between #30 and the forward section.

The ship is equipped with storage facilities for holding 310m3 of base oil, 719m3 of fresh water, 1,300m3 of seawater, 160m3 of methanol, 324m3 of dry bulk, 1,908m3 of ORO, 1,300m3 of liquid mud and 28m3 of lubricating oil for ship use. It also has dedicated tanks for the storage of 1,347.4m3 of fuel oil.

Navigation and communications of Troms’ clean design PSV

MV Troms Sirius is equipped with state-of-the-art navigation equipment including Furuno FAR-2137S radar, Furuno FCR-2117 Arpa radar, Anschutz PilotStar D Autopilot with two operator stations, Anschutz System Standard 22 gyro, Kongsberg DP II DP system with Kongsberg C-Joy Constant Joystick, Furuno GP-150 GPS, Furuno FA-150 AIS, Furuno Doppler speed log DS-80, Furuno FE-700 echo sounder, and Furuno RD-33 digital speed and distance repeater.

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Havila Fortune Platform Supply Vessel, Norway

Havila Fortune is a Det Norske Veritas (DNV) classified DP-2 (dynamic positioning) platform supply vessel (PSV) owned by Partrederiet Havship of Norway and operated by its subsidiary Havila Shipping.

The onboard communications are supported by GSM telephone, electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS), three Sailor SP3420 global maritime distress safety system (GMDSS) hand portable VHF, six Motorola GP-340 AtexUHF portable radios, Sailor 6110 Mini-C Inmarsat C, Sailor 6301 medium frequency/high frequency radio station, two Sailor 6222 VHF/DSC radio stations, and digital selective calling (DSC) terminal.

Diesel electric propulsion

MV Troms Sirius is powered by a diesel electric propulsion system integrating CAT 3516 CDITA main engines rated at 2,095kW each, four AVK main generators of 1,980kW each and two Rolls-Royce Contaz 2,200kW main propellers. High manoeuvrability is provided by a Rolls-Royce swing-up azimuth bow thruster and two Rolls-Royce tunnel thrusters. Auxiliary power is generated by a CAT C9 DITA 175Kw emergency gen set.

"MV Troms Sirius is equipped with state-of-the-art navigation equipment."

The propulsion system provides a maximum speed of 15kt. The diesel electric unit coupled with modern catalyst technologies delivers high performance, while consuming less fuel.

Accommodation facilities aboard MV Troms Sirius

MV Troms Sirius provides accommodation for 26 personnel. The accommodation facilities are composed of ten one-man cabins, four two-men cabins, and two four-men cabins. The ship also features a one-bed hospital room.