Ballast Water Management Systems

DHI Ballast Water Centre has land-based test facilities in Denmark and Singapore. We aim to be the world's preferred provider of services related to performance verification of ballast water management systems (BWMS) and we are dedicated to offering our clients the opportunity to use DHI's broad range of technical services.

We offer an integrated solution with all technical services covered by one consultant in order to provide efficiency and to save time.

DHI's range of BWMS services includes basic approval, laboratory and pilot-scale testing, land-based testing, risk assessment and shipboard testing.

Land-based ballast water test facilities

DHI's land-based test facilities have access to ambient sources of natural freshwater, brackish water and high saline water. Testing can be conducted in either temperate or tropical climate in all seasons. The test facilities and the standard operational procedures are certified and accredited by Lloyd's Register and DNV.

The performance verification is conducted in accordance with the principles in resolution MEPC.174(58) (G8) and MEPC.169 (57) (G9), as published by the International Maritime Organization. Furthermore, the test facilities are in the process getting prepared to fulfil requirements described in the US ETV protocol (September 2010).

Ballast water testing and technology development

Both facilities are equipped with separate pilot testing lines, which provide excellent opportunities for assisting technology developers early in their technology development from proof-of-concept to verification of performance prior to land-based testing.

Through our versatile consultancy for industry, our DHI staff are used to handling confidential information. DHI offers our clients full confidentiality in all steps of consultancy and testing.

Parallel testing of ballast water management systems

Our test facility in Hundested, Denmark, is designed with cylindrical tanks constructed in steel and has a capacity for pumping up to 750m³ water in ballasting and de-ballasting operations. The source tank, with a volume of 765m³, is connected to 3+3 retention tanks, each with a volume of 256m³, which permit the parallel testing of BWMS. The maximum flow rate is currently 500m³/hr.

Samples from the land-based test are analysed at DHI's environmental laboratory, which is being inspected and audited as required in relation to the authorisation to perform studies in accordance with ISO 17025 and the OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

Testing of ballast water management systems in tropical climates

The test facility in Singapore has been designed to mimic real ballast tanks onboard ships in order to give clients the smallest possible gap between land-based and shipboard testing.

Being the first and only test facility in tropical climate, tests can be conducted all year round. The facility, consisting of a source tank of 550m³ and two retention tanks each with a volume of 250m³, allows flow rates up to 500m³/hr.

International and independent consultant and laboratory

DHI is an independent, international consulting and research organisation established in Denmark that is represented in all regions of the world. Our objectives are to advance technological development, governance and competence in the fields of water, environment and health. We provide a wide range of solutions within consultancy laboratory studies, policy services and leading-edge technologies.

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