RSC Bio Solutions

RSC Bio Solutions develops, manufactures and distributes high-performance, minimally toxic, readily biodegradable (as per OECD 301B or ASTM D7373) hydraulic fluids, lubricants, degreasers and absorbents. Our proven line of products is designed to provide an alternative to petroleum based formulas, reducing the risks associated with unauthorized discharges, lowering operating costs and improving the safety of employees and the environment.

Marine lubricants and cleaners

These uniquely engineered marine lubricants and cleaners leave no sheen on the water’s surface and are effective for use in a number of transport vessel applications, including:

  • Hydraulic systems
  • Controlled pitch propellers
  • Thrusters
  • Stern tubes
  • Thruster bearings
  • Stabilizers
  • Rudder bearings
  • Azimuth thrusters
  • Propulsion pods
  • Wire rope lubricant
  • Other mechanical equipment subject to immersion

Other applications include:

RSC Bio Solutions has the widest range of 2013 EPA VGP compliant products available, including readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids and gear oils, grease, chain and cable lubricants, cleaners and solvents.
EnviroLogic® high performance readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids are formulated and proven to replace petroleum based hydraulic fluids, while providing enhanced wear protection and longer equipment life. Our hydraulic fluids are 2013 EPA VGP compliant.
EnviroLogic® 200 Series and 200EP (for extreme pressure) readily biodegradable synthetic gear and thruster oils perform as well as or better than petroleum based alternatives. Our gear oils are 2013 EPA VGP compliant.
EnviroLogic® greases and lubricants are specially formulated to stand up to the tough conditions encountered in a wide range of marine applications.
These powerful industrial cleaners, degreasers and solvents are readily biodegradable and safe to use and dispose of. SC-1000™ Aqueous Cleaner and Supersolv™ Safety Solvent are 2013 EPA VGP compliant.
GreenSorb® is a clay based, low dusting, highly efficient absorbent ideal for a variety of applications, from deck cleaning to handling spills in shipyards.
EnviroLogic® and SAFECARE® products meet a wide range of environmental regulations and help reduce the risks associated with lubricant discharges.
Extensive lab testing and field demonstrations have proven RSC Bio Solutions’ lubricants, cleaners and degreasers to make the grade. That’s why more than 50 OEMs have approved our products.
  • Dredging (mechanical buckets, grinders, pulverizers and conveyors)
  • Ports (cranes and lift equipment)
  • Oil and gas (platforms, drill ships, work boat lift equipment, cranes and winches)
  • Any equipment with oil-to-water interfaces

Backed by almost 20 years of proven experience, RSC Bio Solutions has more than 50 OEM approvals, including accreditations from Rolls-Royce, Blohm + Voss and Wartsila. In addition, our EnviroLogic® EAL products are being distributed by Chevron.

By choosing RSC Bio Solutions, companies experience overall systems savings due to lower cleanup and containment costs, reduced risk of fines and less downtime. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Transportation does not consider these products to be hazardous materials, which results in lower shipping costs.

2013 EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP) Compliant Products

RSC Bio Solutions’ EnviroLogic® Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs), including hydraulic, stern tube and thruster oils, multi-purpose grease and SAFECARE® cleaners and their constituent components, meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s definitions of biodegradable, minimally toxic and non bioaccumulative materials, making them 2013 EPA VGP compliant.

EnviroLogic® hydraulic fluids and gear oils

EnviroLogic hydraulic fluids are ideal for marine hydraulic systems. For especially demanding jobs, the ultra high performance, readily biodegradable 3000 Series hydraulic fluids are designed for extreme operating temperatures and pressures and are formulated to provide exceptional oxidation and thermal properties. EnviroLogic hydraulic fluids and gear oils offer superior wear protection and changeover intervals equal to or longer than petroleum based hydraulic oils.

EnviroLogic synthetic gear oils have high antiwear and extreme pressure (AW/EP) properties, excellent corrosion and rust protection and outstanding system cleanliness characteristics. These proven products not only directly replace petroleum based products of the same viscosity, but they also perform as well as or better than those same oils, delivering changeover intervals equal to or longer than the petroleum based alternatives. Suitable for a wide range of marine applications, these products can extend equipment life and are particularly ideal in instances where exposure of oil to the environment is an issue.

EnviroLogic® grease and lubricants

EnviroLogic® 802 is a multi-purpose, lithium-complex, biodegradable NLGI #2 EP grease. It demonstrates excellent dropping point, water resistance and structural stability over an extremely wide range of temperatures. EnviroLogic 802 is also formulated to possess excellent oxidative stability, corrosion protection and AW/EP protection.

EnviroLogic® 268 slushing lubricant is designed for use in heavy-duty wire rope, cable and chain lines, particularly those used in marine environments. As a readily biodegradable lubricant with low toxicity, the product reduces harmful effects when discharged into the environment. The lubricant is based on natural ester technology and is a direct replacement for mineral oil based slushing lubricants.

SAFECARE® cleaners and degreasers

The SAFECARE® series of cleaners is designed for marine applications where performance and safety are of equal importance. These powerful products are readily biodegradable and safe to use, store and dispose of, and depending on the task, these hardworking, concentrated cleaners, degreasers and solvents can be used full strength or diluted. Unlike petroleum based alternatives, the SAFECARE series won’t damage surfaces, people or the environment.

GreenSorb® absorbents

RSC Bio Solutions offers GreenSorb® as an industrial, high performance absorbent for solvents, oils and hydraulic and functional fluids, making spill sites cleaner and safer with less waste. The product line has unique absorbency and encapsulating properties that help reduce costs by lowering the amount of absorbent material required for disposal after spill clean-ups, and potentially eliminating the need for the product to be disposed of as a hazardous material (dependent on EPA TCLIP compliant test and disposition).

GreenSorb brings significant health benefits to professionals who commonly use dusty, potentially carcinogenic products to mitigate and manage chemical spills. The product is proven and has demonstrated superb performance through a number of third-party laboratories. The product is USDA BioPreferred® listed and has been proven to improve workplace safety, providing 20 times more effective dust reduction when compared with typical crushed clay absorbents. It also meets OSHA limits for respirable crystalline silica (<0.1%).