At the SMM 2008 exhibition in Hamburg sm electrics will be proudly presenting their latest development, having designed an intelligent, micro-controller-based acoustics sounder for their Light Signal Devices (LSDs).

Intended for use in noisy environments it is able to adapt its sound level to the ambient noise level around it. For instance in an engine room if the main engine is running and is making a noise level of 110dB(A) the sounder will generate an alarm sound level of 115dB(A), which is 5dB(A) more the ambient noise level, to a maximum of 118dB(A). Conversely, when the main engine is not running and the noise level is only 85dB(A) then it will only generate 90dB(A).

This dynamic intelligent controller will help raise health and safety levels for personnel working in low noise-level environments which do not require ear protection, where standard alarm systems only generating maximum sound levels could damage their hearing.

A further advantage is that these controllers can be easily integrated in to existing LSDs and will increase reliability.

SMM is the internal leading trade fair for the shipbuilding industry, The 2008 show lasts from the 23rd to the 26th of September 2008, in Hamburg. sm electrics will be in hall B6, at booth B6.041.