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Ship Cranes, Deck Cranes and Marine Cranes

Ondernemingsweg 1,
ALphen aan den Rijn,
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Ondernemingsweg 1,
ALphen aan den Rijn,
2404 HM Other,

Hyva Cranes offers you a wide product range of marine cranes. All our cranes are produced in state-of-the-art production facilities and developed by dedicated research and development teams that use the most advanced CAD equipment on the market today.

Hyva marine cranes serve the defense, shipbuilding, fishing, oceanographic and offshore industries. Our cranes are dock or ship based and can be fitted with many options

T-shaped cranes

The HA range consists of T-shaped cranes with a capacity of 1tm up to 10tm.

Knuckle boom cranes

The HB range has a capacity of 2.7tm up to 43.2tm. Unlike the HA version, these cranes have a knuckle boom. Cranes in the HB range with a capacity of up to 8.1tm are available with remote controls.

Benefits of our knuckle boom cranes

  • Easy to operate
  • Excellent price / quality ratio
  • Use of high-strength steel

High capacity knuckle boom cranes

The HC range has a capacity of 9.8tm up to 74tm. Like the HB version, these cranes have a knuckle boom.

Benefits of our high capacity knuckle boom cranes

  • Standard radio controls
  • Standard lift rod articulating system (LAS)
  • Standard total control unit (TCU) for model HC151

Marine crane rotation system

The cranes have a powerful rotation system especially designed for marine conditions.

Further special marine features of our cranes

  • Double-cross 60µm thick chrome plating on rods in all cylinders
  • Chemical nickel plating on all pins
  • Stainless-steel fittings on all hoses

These cranes have a double coat of painting. The first coat is epoxidal bi-component (minimum 250µm-280µm); the final, second coat is polyurethane bi-component enamel.

Standard special features of our marine cranes

The cranes also have a number of special features as a standard, including the below.

Extra extension speed (EES)special regenerative valve

The EES special regenerative valve re-uses hydraulic oil during crane extension, ensuring high speed without compromising the safety of the crane.

Smooth decent system (SDS)

This system compensates for boom oscillation, ensuring smooth movement of the load.

Total control unit

This is a monitoring unit to control all aspects of the crane’s operation, including stability control, routine maintenance, on-line diagnostics, load control, winch / jib control, attachments control, troubleshooting and data storage.

Lift control system (LCS)

LCS increases the capacity of the crane by 10% by reducing the speed. It also reduces the speed of the crane when it is near maximum capacity.

Lift-rod articulating system

Thanks to the connecting rods of the LAS, the lifting capacity of the crane is constant in all boom positions.


Hyva cranes has built an international sales and after-sales service network of its own subsidiaries, service partners and dealers, who have the capability to provide the best transport solutions and provide world class after-sales service under the Hyva care label. In addition a Hyva crane offers a global on-line diagnosis for re-setting and / or updating the equipment, wherever in the world it is.

Port of Tema Expansion, Tema

The port of Tema, located in Tema, Ghana, is undergoing major expansion works in order to triple its handling capacity.

SeaOrbiter Marine Research Vessel

SeaOrbiter is an oceanic exploration vessel and a universal scientific laboratory designed by the architect Jacques Rougerie.

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