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Marine Escort, Towing, Wave, Mooring and Anchor Handling Winches

Industrieweg 7,
8061 RB Hasselt (Ov),

Industrieweg 7,
8061 RB Hasselt (Ov),

Since it’s conception in 1900, Ridderinkhof has been fully focused on designing, building and selling a wide variety of winches for the marine industry, including offshore winches, anchor handling winches, towing winches, pipe lay vessel winches, civil waterworks / land based winches and custom built winch systems.

Clients consider Ridderinkhof as one of the top eight winch companies in the world. Owners of our winches consider the equipment to be strong, robust and reliable. Clients from all over the world rely on us for their specialist winch systems and they consign us to manage their biggest projects.

Marine winch design, production and assembly

Design, production and assembly of our marine winches is done at our in-house facilities in the Netherlands and Belgium, where we are able to make every type of winch component. Subsequently, we can deliver the most reliable winches in the shortest delivery times at competative prices. We can machine winch drums up to 4.5m in diameter and cogwheels up to 3.5m in diameter.

Wave winches

Ridderinkhof’s wave winch is a high dynamic escort winch, initially designed as a LNG winch that keeps the line tight during all operations and all movements of the tug. At line forces higher than the setpoint of max line force, the line will veer out enough length at very high speed until the situation is safe again, without causing the line to break or become slack.

Our wave winches are available for 75t, 105t and 130t dynamic full continuous render/ recover pull. The whole range is available with electrical frequency drives or hydraulical drives. The winches can also be operated in the traditional way; manually hauling and veering and towing on the brake. The line force of the holding brake can be selected between 100t and 250t.

Escort winches

Ridderinkhof’s range of hauling / veering escort winches feature a selection of line forces including 40t, 75t, 105t and 130t, and hauling speeds up to 40m per minute. With an optional application; veering speeds up to 100m per minute can be realised. The proportionally adjustable line force is kept constant during the whole operation through the continuously engaged drive train and our self developed mechatronics.

The whole Ridderinkhof range of escort winches is available with hydraulic drives or with frequency driven electrical motors. The escort winches can also be used in manual mode; manual hauling and veering, and traditionally towing on the brake. Line forces of the holding brakes can be chosen between 60t and 300t.

Towing winches

As a leading partner in engineering, production and worldwide delivery of winches, Ridderinkhof offers an extended range of towing winch systems. Towing winches in every possible set up with multiple drums, warping heads, chain lifters, spooling gear, length and line-pull measuring and constant tension systems are available.

Anchor handling winches

Ridderinkhof’s anchor handling winches are widely available in all kinds of arrangements, including anchor handling winches with towing drums, spooling gear units, warping heads, chain lifters up to 117 mm DAM, length and line-pull measuring and constant tension systems.

Mooring winches

Ridderinkhof mooring winches are well known for their robustness, reliability, extreme long life-time and relative low maintenance. Our range of mooring winches are therefore available in every thinkable pull force and lay out, including multiple drums, warping heads, chain lifters, spooling gear, length and line-pull measuring and constant tension systems.

Damen Offshore Carrier 8500

The Damen Offshore Carrier (DOC) 8500 is new-generation small heavy-lift vessel (HLV) developed by Damen Shipyards Group.

Rotra Vente Roll-On/Roll-Off Vessel

Rotra Vente is the first of two roll on/roll off (Ro/Ro) vessels being built by Concordia Group and Holland Shipyards for Siemens.

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8061 RB Hasselt (Ov)