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Escape Safe UK

Marine and Offshore Safety Signs and Low-Level Lighting Systems

183 Stanhope Road,
Tyne and Wear,
South Shields,
NE33 4RU Other,
United Kingdom

Escape Safe (UK) has been leading the way since October 2000 in the supply and installation of photo-luminescent safety signs and low-location escape systems for the marine and offshore industries.

Photo-luminescent safety signs

Escape Safe offers a full turnkey service ranging from initial full vessel and offshore facilities surveys, write-up and quotations, through to supply and installation. Our product range includes:

  • Safety signage for marine and offshore applications (in foreign languages)
  • Photo-luminescent low-level lighting systems
  • Photo-luminescent self-adhesive marker tapes
  • Photo-luminescent paint, stair nosing and matting
  • Fire-fighting and safety equipment cabinets (e.g. fire extinguishers, EEBDs, etc.)
  • Safety clothing (high-visibility vests and armbands)
  • First-aid, safety and training posters
  • First-aid kits, first-aid centres and accident books
  • Eyewash stations
  • Engraved brass and traffolite tags and signs
  • Pipeline identification marker tapes (ISO 14726)
  • Hazchem panels and transport labels
  • Temporary tie tags
  • Security and barrier tapes

Escape Safe (UK) can supply the following products:

  • Lifejackets
  • Immersion suits
  • Thermal protective aids
  • Viking liferafts, deck cradles and hydrostatic releases
  • Viking liferaft servicing
  • Rescue and MOB boats
  • Lifebuoys and brackets
  • Lifebuoy lights
  • Stretchers
  • Rescue nets
  • Personnel transfer baskets
  • Survival equipment, rations for survival craft
  • Pilot and embarkation ladders
  • Helideck landing nets
  • Wire cargo nets
  • Knotted ropes
  • Pyrotechnics, flares, etc.
  • Nylon signal shapes

Photometric testing of low-level lighting systems

Escape Safe can also provide the statutory five-yearly on-board photometric testing of low-level lighting systems in accordance with the requirements of ISO 15370 and IMO Resolution A 752 (18).

AAA photoluminescent material

Escape Safe is now using a new type of photo-luminescent material for our safety signs, low-level escape systems and marker tapes. This material has three to four times the luminance performance of ordinary ‘Class A’ photo-luminescent materials, therefore improving ease of recognition, legibility and durability. The material is Marine Equipment Directive (MED) and Lloyds type approved for marine applications and exceeds the requirements of ISO 15370 and IMO Resolution A752(18). A certificate of conformance can be provided for the photo-luminescent material.

AAA photo-luminescent safety products have been optimised using the latest unique technology to provide the following key features:

  • Exceptionally high brightness within the first few minutes
  • Conspicuous signs and notices that can be clearly read in total darkness (ideal for life-saving applications)
  • Improved material technology, reducing ageing and weathering performance and providing a better quality, longer lasting product
  • Exceeds standards DIN 67 510 Part 4 and IMO A.752(18)

Pipeline safety shields

We supply pipeline safety shields for the prevention of hazardous spray-outs from pressurised pipework containing fuel oil, chemicals or gases, as required by SOLAS regulations. All safety shields are type approved.

The TFE spray-guard for low and high-pressure lines exactly fits any joint, is re-usable, and can be installed without tools.

The navy roll pipeline safety shield for low and high-pressure lines needs no ship surveys, and is re-usable and inexpensive. The no-spray system comes in a tape or sheet format, with simple installation and superior adhesion. It easily covers irregular shapes.

Safety sign projects

Escape Safe’s largest contract to date was on FPSO Bonga, the world’s largest FPSO vessel. We carried out a full vessel survey to determine the requirements for escape route, fire, IMO safety signage, etc, then supplied over 90 safety plans and 5,000 safety signs and supervised their installation.

Our most prestigious contract was on the super-yacht Le Grand Bleu, where we surveyed, supplied and installed a low-level lighting system and safety signs, and emergency-escape breathing device cabinets.

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Since the beginning of the milleniumEscape Safe (UK) has been leading the way in the supply and installation of photo-luminescent safety signs and low-location escape systems for the marine and offshore industries. To find out about our full range of latest marine safety products and se

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Escape Safe (UK) Ltd

183 Stanhope Road

Tyne and Wear

South Shields

NE33 4RU


United Kingdom