Restech Norway is the inventor and manufacturer of PLT® Pneumatic Line Throwers, and offers a variety of line throwing devices for marine vessels.

Restech Norway products are certified under the ISO 9001: 2008 standard, and have received approvals from Det Norske Veritas (DNV GL), the US Coast Guard, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), the Chinese Classification Society (CCS), and DG Shipping.

There are two main versions of the PLT®, the PLT® and the PLT® Mini, recognized for its durability in harsh environments. The PLT® R 230 the markets only Solas-approved, air-driven, line-throwing appliance.

Pneumatic line throwers for vessels

The PLT® is a powerful line thrower that launches seven projectiles between 90m and 250m. Combined with the company’s 230 Projectile, it complies with the Solas 74 requirement and has no expiry date.

PLT® Launching Unit, with launching distances up to 250m, four to six multiple launches, SOLAS 74/83 approved, seven types of projectiles.
Seven PLT® projectiles provided by Restech Norway, and used for Solas 74, heaving lines, life buoys or hooks with strong lines from 90m to 250m.
The PLT® Mini Launching Unit operates on either disposable 33g CO2 cartridges or compressed air. Launches seven projectiles up to 100m.
The company's seven PLT® Mini projectiles are used for heaving lines, hooks or life buoys up to from 50 to 100m with strong lines.
The PLT® Launching Unit is a multipurpose tool, meaning that you can add features according to your requirements.
STS operations are carried out with increased efficiency and safety using the PLT® 75 Ball projectile.
FPSO Loading Systems involve various types of projectiles for loading operations.

Restech Norway’s six other projectiles are used for heaving lines, hooks or life buoys, and can be launched up to 140m with strong lines.

The PLT® Mini is a small, hand-operated device that launches seven projectiles between 50m-100m. It is ideal for vessels requiring maneuverability and flexibility, such as tugs or rescue vessels.

As the launchers operate on compressed air, they have some clear advantages when compared with other technologies.

Line Throwing Appliances with no expiry date

The PLT® R 230 is a Solas-approved setup with no expiry date, meaning that the same LTA stays with the vessel for its entire lifetime.

Accurate Pneumatic Line Throwers

The PLT® Launcher can repeat a shot within 5m to 8m of a target up to 240m away in a strong crosswind. Numerous tankers and floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels use the launchers to increase their safety zones and carry out loading procedures.

Efficient launchers for shipping operations

The PLT® provides an increased range while still being able to connect with a vessel or land structure. The result is enhanced efficiency and safety during ship-to-ship, bunkering, towing, mooring and rescue operations.

Reusable launchers and projectiles

The PLT® is a multi-shot unit, recharged by an on-board air compressor or spare cylinder. When filled, the PLT® can fire from four to seven shots before refilling.

The PLT® Mini is a single-shot unit operating on CO2 or compressed air. Restech Norway’s projectiles are also reusable.

About Restech Norway

Established in 1989, Restech Norway’s main office is located in Bodø, a small city above the Arctic Circle in Norway. Its sister company, Restech Asia Pte. Ltd. is located in Singapore.

These two locations serve the global market through a worldwide network of distributors.