The Damen Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 5009 is used to transfer crew and cargo to/from offshore oil and gas platforms. Image courtesy of Damen Shipyards Group.
P&O Repasa received Red Eagle, a Damen FCS 5009 vessel in December 2015. Image courtesy of Damen Shipyards Group.
Long side view of the Damen Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 5009 vessel. Image courtesy of Damen Shipyards Group.
The Ampelmann’s L-Type system aboard a Damen Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 5009. Image courtesy of Damen Shipyards Group.

The Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 5009 series of high-speed vessels are being built by Damen Shipyards Group. The vessels are intended for the transfer of crew and cargo to and from offshore oil and gas platforms.

Jawar Al Khaleej Shipping (JAK) placed a contract with Damen Shipyards Group for the supply of an FCS 5009 vessel in November 2016. The vessel was delivered in May 2017.

Damen Shipyards delivered an FCS 5009 vessel to P&O Repasa in December 2015, followed by two to Naviera Integral in July 2015.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) received five FCS 5009 vessels from Damen between 2012 and 2014.

Naviera Integral was handed over an FCS 5009 vessel by Damen Shipyards in January 2014. Specialised Vessel Services received an FCS 5009 vessel in April 2012.

FSC 5009 design

The Damen FSC 5009 features a steel hull incorporating Sea-Axe bow design. The superstructure is made of aluminium. The slender hull offers high-fuel efficiency, while the Sea Axe bow design delivers superior sea keeping characteristics.

The FSC 5009 has a length of 53.25m, a beam of 10.10m, a depth of 4.7m and a maximum draft of 3.2m.

Deck equipment and capacities

The vessel has a 240m² deck, which is equipped for rapid, reliable and comfortable transfer of crew and cargo. The vessel features a steel fender, as well as heavy-duty rubber and tyre fenders.

The deck is installed with a Heila HLRM 140-5S crane and a 184kg VHHP with steel cable. The onboard equipment enables the vessel to support emergency towing and crane handling operations.

The fast crew supply vessel also carries four life buoys, five 25-person liferafts, and hand-operated fire extinguishers. It offers a cargo deck area of 240m² and a maximum deck load capacity of 2.50t/m².

The vessel can store 169.8m³ of fuel oil, 28.6m³ of freshwater and 173.1m³ of freshwater cargo. It is also equipped with electrically driven general service pumps, a fuel cargo pump and a freshwater cargo pump.

Navigation and communications

The FSC 5009 is installed with gyro and magnetic compasses, echo sounder, radar, automatic identification system (AIS), and global positioning system (GPS) /differential global positioning system (DGPS).

“Jawar Al Khaleej Shipping (JAK) placed a contract with Damen Shipyards Group for the supply of a FCS 5009 vessel in November 2016.”

The communication systems include an intercom, a loudhailer and a CCTV system, a GMDSS A3 external communication system and a Wi-Fi system.

FSC 5009 accommodation

The crew supplier vessel offers accommodation for eight crew members in units, including a captain’s cabin, an officer’s cabin, four crew cabins and a two-man crew cabin. The crew is also provided with a cold store, a pantry and a mess hall.

The vessel also carries 80 industrial personnel on the main deck, which is equipped with 80 seats, luggage storage and two toilets.

Propulsion for the fast crew supplier vessel

The vessel is powered by four Caterpillar/MTU main diesel engines driving fixed pitch propellers through four Reintjes WVS series gearboxes. The engine room is equipped with a fixed Fi-Fi system. The power plant develops a maximum power output of 8,000bkW.

The propulsion system also integrates two 85bkW bow thrusters. The shipboard power is supplied by three generator sets.

The propulsion system provides a top speed of 25k and a maximum range of 3,100nmi at maximum operating speed.