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Ballast Water Contamination Measurement and Compliance Management Systems

Assure Controls

Assure Controls offers specialised ballast water treatment system (BWTS) measurement and reporting services for commercial and maritime environmental applications.

The company's patented technologies provide fast and accurate toxicity assessments of freshwater, seawater and sediments, in order to reinforce complex processes through constant innovation and service.

Ships, crews and ports can use Assure Controls' prognostic measurements to ascertain successful ballast water management practises, and comply with International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and US Coast Guard regulations.

System for measuring ballast water contamination

Assure Controls' QwikLiteTM 200 Biosensor System and test kits measure contaminants in ballast water discharges, and validate the operational performance of BWTS on-board ships.

With a 4h response time, the company's testing systems ensure the correct functioning of BWTS, prevent contaminated discharges, enhance consistency, and reduce costs, disruption and discomfort.

Biological reporting for environmental compliance

Assure Controls aims to provide new tools, methods and skills for biological reporting to ensure ship and port-based ballast water management practises comply with environmental requirements.

The company aims to reduce operation costs by using optimal practices and innovative prognostic tools to meet water quality standards.

Crew member training and ballast water compliance management systems

Assure Controls understands that crew members are critical for maintaining compliance actions and change frequently, so training must be consistently available.

The company combines communication technologies and guidance to create a ballast water compliance management system, both online at port and on-board at sea.

About Assure Controls

Assure Controls focuses on helping its customers to meet demanding measurement and reporting challenges in maritime environments.

The company enhances measurement or reporting technologies in order to optimise accuracy, reduce costs, and improve management decision-making and timeliness.

Assure Controls uses several proprietary platforms, including maritime compliance reporting systems, to ensure its projects and operations are based on reliable information.

The company contributes to unique solutions for the benefit of its clients, government agencies, and partners.

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