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Fire Prevention Specialists for Marine Vessels

DASPOS provides marine vessels with specialist on-board fire prevention solutions that include leakage alarms and detection systems.

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DASPOS provides marine vessels with specialist on-board fire prevention solutions that include leakage alarms and detection systems.

Leakage alarm systems to prevent fires and explosions on ships

Fires on-board ships are both dangerous and costly. Each year a couple of hundred fires on-board merchant ships are registered, with the majority occurring in engine rooms due to leaking hydrocarbons.

Some fires result in the loss of lives as there can be no escape for the people on-board, other fires can result in high replacement and repair costs following an incident.

Marine vessel fuel is pumped from tanks to engines in pipes and tubes under high-pressure. If a leak occurs, fuel vapours or gasses will leak into the open engine room with the risk of ignition.

Traditional products safeguard assets against fire with passive detectors. DASPOS’s LAS-10 (Leakage Alarm System) is designed and dedicated to work as an active detector, to secure rooms such as open engine rooms, protecting against oil spills and spray gases from the oil being led to the engine or from hydraulic pumps.

Fire-prevention solutions for ships

The LAS-10 fire-prevention solution, which has a patent granted worldwide, is cutting-edge technology that, besides safeguarding crew and passengers, minimises potential cleaning, repair and maintenance costs.

The LAS functionality builds on a very large amount of air flow, 10,000l per minute, which is led through a detection chamber and through a specially designed filter. Electronics in the detector simultaneously combines and analyses the content of both gasses and oil sprays. A sudden increase in differential pressure over the installed filter will send a signal to the crew about the increased danger of the environment.

No other solutions on the market combine these two detection methods, or use differential pressure as an indicator for the fire and explosion risk. The large air flow works as a much quicker indicator for potential risk than previously seen with other detection systems, which generally detect by light reflection of a fraction of the analysed air flowing through the detector.

The atmospheric oil mist and gas leakage detection system was developed in close cooperation with leading ship-owners in Denmark and has been tested and validated at the Technological Institute in Denmark. The initiative has received financial support from The Danish Maritime Fund and DASPOS was nominated Entrepreneur of the Year, 2012.

The user friendly LAS-10 system:

  • Is easy-to-clean and maintain
  • Is very reliable
  • Does not produce false alarms

Leakage alert systems for container ships, ferries, tug boats and wind turbines

Users of the LAS-10 system are not limited to bigger ships. Container ships, cruise vessels and passenger ferries; but also fishing vessels, offshore supply vessels, tug boats, oil rigs and wind turbines can all benefit from the cutting-edge fire prevention the LAS-10 offers.


DASPOS A/S was founded in 2010 by Torben Jørgensen and Lars Gerner who have brought the LAS-10 product from concept level to shipping product.

Since its launch in 2011, the LAS-10 has safeguarded some of the biggest and most valued vessels in the world.

The Challenge of Fire Prevention

Fires aboard ships can evolve into catastrophes for the environment, ship and cargo. What's more, if action isn't taken promptly, they can threaten the very lives of the crew and passengers.

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