MKG have just fitted out a new purpose-built coastal survey catamaran with a powerful state of the art 20mt radio controlled hydraulic knuckle boom crane.

Launched just a few days ago, and due for delivery in early May, ultra quiet and extremely economical Bibby Tethra – the vessel’s name – is operated by one of the oldest shipping companies in the UK, Bibby Maritime.

It is a 27.5m semi-SWATH coastal survey vessel, ideal for operating in various sites around the UK where it will serve the company’s main survey activities within the Oil and Gas sector and the offshore renewable energy industry, collecting high quality survey data in sea conditions.

As all MKG marine cranes, MKG’s model HMC201a5 is manufactured according to DIN 15018 to meet all marine specifications for provision / service cranes type “A” with minimum 5° heel and 2° trim at full load. It will be responsible for handling all equipment connected to the vessel’s survey activities, such as cable and pipeline inspection, tracking, or grab sampling.

The HMC201a5 is a stationary mounted hyraulic crane with a lifting capacity of almost 6.000kg at 2.8m, all the way up to 910kg at its maximum horizontal reach of 14.43m. It has a minimum working radius of only 0.5m. It comprises a Load Sensing System (LS), it is fully radio remote controllable, and is additonally equipped with a “black box” – an electronic control system featuring a load moment limiter, actual load information, damping control for the lifting cylinder, and a diagnostic system indicating all mal-functions on a digital display. The crane’s hydraulic winch manages 4,000kg pull at single line, and 6,000kg pulley at reduced speed for maximum load.