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Granly Diesel QSK95 Series Generator Sets Brochure

Granly Diesel's QSK95 Series generator sets are engineered with the highest kilowatt per square foot ratio in their class, resulting in a smaller footprint that achieves a 20% improvement in power density.

The QSK95 generator sets require less space in customers' facilities, lowering installation costs.

In multiple-generator set applications, fewer generators are required to achieve the required power output, resulting in substantial cost savings.

At the core of this footprint economy is Granly Diesel's robust, high-speed, 16-cylinder QSK95 engine, the latest innovation in Cummins' diesel engine technology.

With ratings up to 3.5MW, it is specifically designed for demanding power generation applications, improving on the efficiencies of its 20-cylinder competitors, while delivering comparable power output.

To find out more about the QSK95 Series generator sets please download this free white paper.