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The business activities of Interschalt (IS) are all geared to our short and brief mission statement: 'innovation for shipping'. This sets the base for the ambition to supply added value to our customers on any of our maritime products. IS products cover the entire service lifecycle of ships from one premium source, the 'IS value chain'. This portfolio includes:

  • Maritime software solutions
  • Maritime education and training for seafarers
  • Service and support
  • Automation systems
  • Satellite communication

With emphasis on 'innovation for shipping', we constantly enhance the IS value chain with state-of-the-art technologies in order to make ship operation more efficient. Our main objective is to offer a comprehensive IS value chain.

Monitoring and performance indicators for ships

BLUETRACKER assists superintendents in monitoring and operating their vessels via management by exceptions. Real time data
on bunker consumption, speed and position, weather condition etc, enable fleet inspectors to keep easily full control over vessel performance.

A customisable dashboard consolidates various ship data to performance indicators such as the Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI).

This simplifies the daily duties of a fleet inspector and allows them to focus on more complex tasks. This process is as easy as it sounds:

  • Step 1 - defines vessel parameters (EEOI, ETA, stability and strength...)
  • Step 2 - highlights vessels operating out of set parameters
  • Step 3 - analysis of the source for operating out of range
  • Step 4 - undertake corrective actions in cooperation with crew

Shore-based maintenance

The IS approach is to take over duties from technical inspection and mandatory responsibilities. IS plans, coordinates and services all navigational and communication equipment at a yearly flat-rate.

IS provides monthly maintenance reports to the ship owner and, in addition, statistical data on the reliability of installed equipment.

Furthermore the flat-rate includes spare parts, working hours and travel costs in more than 100 major ports. Installation and service work is performed by own service personnel and / or by our qualified and certified service partners around the globe with more than 400 service technicians available.

Fleet operation centre

Safety of life, the environment and economical risks are of paramount importance. Especially where tankers, cruise liners and other vessels are involved it is a major challenge to avoid maritime accidents.

The Fleet Operation Centre (FOC) is the first IS solution of controlling safe ship handling ashore by using IS technology for corridor tracking. With the IS VDR G4 as the source of ship handling data, the FOC enables ship operators:

  • Shore-based ship route and corridor planning
  • Transfer of ship routes, ship shore ship
  • Crew briefing and crew approval
  • Online corridor tracking

In combination with BLUETRACKER, the FOC is an operational solution for optimised fleet performance and safety.

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