Upholstery Fabrics for Ships, Yachts and Cruise Liners

Rohleder is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-quality upholstery fabrics. Based in northern Bavaria, Germany, the company sets the trend for innovative design and top-quality textiles. The 12-strong in-house design team creates new and unique fabrics alongside premier international freelance designers.

Fabric design for ships and cruise liners

The new Contract collection in 100% Trevira-CS is aimed at the high-end contract market, and comes in a variety of different styles and colours. It adapts perfectly to all the varying looks of country hotels, sophisticated metropolitan interiors, modern yachts and luxury cruise liners. Rohleder presents a broad palette of exceptional fabrics, far surpassing the requirements of the demanding hospitality and contract market.

The fabrics are presented in a variety of different styles: velvets are available in three-dimensional period or ultra-modern patterns, or in sophisticated chiaroscuro.

Flat wovens are intricately detailed, displaying elaborate yarns: chenilles, bouclés and lustrous yarns.

Natural-look fabrics with hand-woven textures, linen-look, transparent sheers (also available in 3m width) and cut-uncut epinglés, in a wide range of colours, are all part of the styles available.

In addition, a brand new collection for both indoor and outdoor use guarantees lasting beauty without chemical coatings or finishes, in a great variety of patterns. The fabrics are salt, chlorine and milldew resistant, rot-proof and boast excellent light and colour fastness.

Variety is key: velvets, epinglés, sheers, flat wovens in dobby or jacquard are all part of the repertoire. A seemingly endless wealth of materials, textures, colours and patterns are on offer catering for every taste.

Performance fabrics


Q2 is a Hi-tex fabric consisting of high-quality, exclusive raw materials, and can be used as an attractive upholstery fabric for luxurious interiors. The flat woven fabric - the archetype of the weaving process - provides extensive scope for creativity. Q2 demonstrates particular quality features:

  • Fulfils far-reaching requirements on functionality and care
  • Above-average lightfastness and colourfastness
  • five year warranty on usage and care properties for residential use


Based on velours, Infinity Samt is a collection of fabrics with an exceptionally dense, sumptuous surface. It opens up an unlimited world with an impressive range of brilliant colour solids, combined with outstanding quality and care properties.

The Infinity Loft range gives an individual twist to beautiful and bespoke ambience. The intricate weaving process lends a fascinating 'minimal art' look to the fabric's fine texture; sophisticated Hi-tex fibers ensure exceptional suppleness and comfort. Complemented by a high-quality stain resistant finish, Infinity Loft possesses all the attributes of an innovative fabric.


Our design, analysis, colour, and materials are driven by innovative thinking, not simply by trying to out-do our competitors.
Our inspiration is diversity, our momentum is creativity, ideas are our playing field. Our design team looks at fabric design from a variety of perspectives and is constantly finding new ways to analyse trends and create beautiful textiles. Our experimental weaving mill allows our team to experiment with colours and materials, ensuring that we are constantly creating the most innovative, original, and highest quality fabrics.

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