Last summer Pemamek succeeded in making an impressive market entry by delivering the first state-of-the-art panel line to the United States.

Customer Bourg Dry Dock & Service is located in Louisiana and manufactures barges, towboats, etc., but also serves as a repair yard. Bourg Dry Dock had set for itself an ambitious goal of considerably increasing its production capacity; hence the decision to invest in the PEMA advanced panel line. The panel line includes a one-sided butt welding station with magnetic clamping and profile welding portal to weld two profiles simultaneously.

Another new Pemamek client in the US is Edison Chouest Offshore (which has shipyards in Louisiana), and Gulfship in Mississippi, which have both invested heavily to increase thier production capacity. The remarkable challenge in these demanding projects were existing panel lines onto which new PEMA profile welding portals had to be integrated. These extremely effective profile welding portals are capable of welding three profiles simultaneously on both sides.