Machine Vision System Aided Robot Welding of Micro-Panels at Fincantieri.

Pemamek Oy, based in Loimaa, Finland, which specialises in industrial automation systems, has delivered in co-operation with ESAB Italy a vision-based robotic welding system to Fincantieri´s Riva Trigoso shipyard. The system, unique of its kind, is especially designed to work on sub-assemblies such as micro panels, bulkheads, T-beams, etc.

The station includes on the rail moving gantry and the robot, as well as the high-resolution camera, is installed on the gantry’s horizontal beam. An operator’s control system is also installed on the gantry.

The programming of the robot is based on the machine vision system. The high-resolution camera scans the panel and the picture of the panel is moved to the memory of the control system. All the operator has to do is to select the camera’s scanning area and to approve the welding programs and movement tracks proposed by the computer.

The welding is done automatically by the robot. The advantage of the system is the saved time in programming of the workpiece. The system doesn’t require any information outside, like off-line programming. Also the system can be operated by a welder, no robot specialist is required.

All the above results into very high arc-on time, which will boost the productivity on the sub-assembly line.