Pemamek Oy Ltd. and Spanish Navantia Ferrol have entered into an agreement regarding the supply of a PEMA- high technology flat panel line for the construction of ship blocks for military vessels. The line will be installed to Ferrol’s shipyard located in north-west Spain in spring 2008.

The panel line will utilize several new technological features such as the revolutionary Vision robot system for the welding of stiffeners, the pre-heating of plates prior to one-side welding, an integrated profile mounting and welding portal and a profile cleaning system. This remarkable deal marks Pemamek’s continuing success in supplying advanced automation to the military shipbuilding industry.

Navantia is a well established Spanish company that leads the way in the military shipbuilding sector. Through its size and technological capabilities, it occupies a leading role in European and world-wide military shipbuilding. Navantia is renowned for its top quality design and construction of military vessels with high added-value based on its commitment to innovation and technology.

Navantia’s Ferrol site is equipped with the world’s most advanced technological resources for military shipbuilding, and employs state of the art production systems into which Pemamek’s new line will fit perfectly. Ferrol recently invested in Pemamek’s advanced robotised micro panel line, and so it was appropriate for them to stay with the same reliable brand.

This production line will be one of the most modern and technologically advanced in the world-wide military shipbuilding business.